Choosing the right IRS Attorney

An IRS attorney is usually an attorney who works for the Internal Revenue Service, IRS, and whose work involves suing people who have not met their tax obligations. Alternatively an IRS attorney may serve as the legal representation of a defendant accused of tax fraud in a suit filed by the government of the United States. In this case, an IRS lawyer helps defendant's s to arrive at a fair settlement with the IRS or at a favorable payment plan.

The IRS is the government of the United States principal agent charged with the collection of debt. All income earning individuals in the US are supposed to file a tax return with the IRS except for those whose income is below taxable income. Since most people's income can be classified as taxable income, the IRS therefore requires most people to file their tax requirements.

Despite this legal requirement, some people fail to meet their tax obligations for some reason or other. Some of these reasons include failing to disclose their tax return entirely, under reporting their income, failing to disclose cash payments, overstating losses, claiming dependents that do not exist among other things.

In the event of the above violations, the IRS will most likely employ an IRS attorney and who will pursue the matter to its logical conclusion usually prosecuting them in a federal court of law. Depending on the proceedings, the defendant may get a jail term, be required to pay a hefty fine or be declared innocent on all charges.

A person who is under fire from the IRS or a State Department of Revenue may require legal representation or legal advice on the best way forward. With a good lawyer on your side you can reduce your risks of being implicated for intent to defraud or for tax evasion.

IRS debt can be very difficult to cope with especially because it can lead to property seizures, loss of other forms of income and possible jail terms. That is why a good IRS attorney and who has the right experience is needed to help you out.